Longray Black Cart Package

We have paired the LongRay fogger with the option of a lightweight, sturdy cart to make mobile applications easier to disinfect. Two cart variations are available depending on your needs. Both come with a medium-study, hospital grade Hubbell mounted 50-foot auto rewind power cord reel, 4 wheels, 2 of them locking to ensure sturdiness while sanitizing.


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The 2680 Longray ULV fogger is European made with durable plastic and has the capability to dispense both water and oil-based products. It features a flexible hose, easy spray nozzle with a precise adjustable flow rate which allows the operator to adjust the amount of solution that is used during each application. The wide range of spray intensity allows for the Longray fogger to be used in both indoor and outdoor disinfecting. Each fogger comes with an adjustable strap that can either be worn crossbody or placed on either shoulder dependant on what the operator prefers.

The tank allows 6 litres of solution at a time, each litre will have an average spray time of 30-45 minutes if the flow rate setting is between 1-3. Unit weight is 9 pounds when empty, each litre of solution adds approximately 1 pound to the total weight. The amount of solution added at one time will depend on the area or surface that requires disinfecting. The LongRay’s have a flat bottom allowing the unit to remain upright when not in use. It is recommended to empty the fogger after every use. A funnel is included with every fogger which allows for clean and easy adding and removing of solution before and after every use.