AXIS WorkSurface Lite

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The WorkSurface Lite is a one-of-a-kind workstation, very similar to our AXIS WorkSurface Pro. However, the WorkSurface Lite has been slightly modified to meet the unique needs of the medical industry. To begin, the WorkSurface Lite is coated with an Antimicrobial Powder Coat, which reduces the potential for pathogens to survive on its surface. The WorkSurface Lite includes a locking drawer, the rubber handles have been replaced by tapered aluminum coated in Antimicrobial powder coat, and both top surface and drawer carpet has been removed. Lastly, the top deck has a 2.5” cable pass-through hole, and top surface hardware has either been removed or is counter-sunk into the material to improve flatness of the top, working surface for easily wiping down.

Coupled with our unique and Patent Pending vDrop System, the WorkSurface Lite can be mounted to anything that is up to 2″ in diameter. When connected to the AXIS Stand, the WorkSurface Lite can be positioned as low as 34″ and as high as 43″, which is equivalent to a standing desk height. Looking for more height adjustability? Mounting the WorkSurface Lite to the AXIS Pedestal will provide you significantly more height adjustment, as the AXIS Pedestal is a seamless vertical pole with up 54” of connectivity. The WorkSurface Lite is both height-adjustable and able to rotate 360 degrees around a 2” diameter surface. The top surface of the WorkSurface Lite has three edges with no edge on the working side in an effort to provide a flat surface for computer keyboard and mouse accessibility. There are handles on both sides so that you can carry, or relocate the WorkSurface Lite with ease. The back of the WorkSurface Lite features 4 slotted openings to use as either cable pass-through holes or to be coupled with our Blank Plates or Neutrik Plates. If you will be using your WorkSurface Lite in the 2U or 4U configuration the Neutrik Plates provide you added ability to connect a vast variety of Neutrik power, audio, and video adapters. You can purchase 3 variations of the WorkSurface Lite. The standard WorkSurface Lite configuration includes the installed drawer. Additional configurations include the WorkSurface Lite with a 2U or 4U Station Upgrade. It’s important to note however that the WorkSurface Lite’s drawer and 2U and 4U Station Upgrades are not compatible with each other. You cannot use the drawer with a 2U or 4U Station Upgrade. Looking to accessorize your WorkSurface Lite? The bolt-on Cable Management Bracket has five cable slots to keep your cables organized and locked to the WorkSurface Lite. We also offer both Blank and Neutrik Plates for the back openings of the WorkSurface Lite.

The WorkSurface Lite weighs 28lb complete with the installed drawer. The available top surface dimensions are 28” W x 16” L with 852 cubic inches of drawer storage space. The drawer is lockable with a custom configurable 3-digit combo-lock.

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