About Fusion UV-Clean

Providing staff or visitors a high level of care for their health and safety is now top priority for most industries.

UV-Clean is a specialized division of Fusion Cine, a national sales and rentals company supplying high end cinema and broadcast equipment (i.e. ARRI, Angénieux, Fujifilm, RED, Sony, Zeiss, etc.) to the film and television sector. 

As representative for top industry products, we took manufacture’s recommended equipment sanitization processes and mixed it with Canadian and international health and safety guidelines to create safe and efficient sanitization workflows to help film production get back to work in the new normal.

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Further industries and environments where sensitive equipment or immunocompromised people were located, began contacting us for solutions and we broadened our initial work within film and television to the wider range of customers we now serve in corporate, retail, industrial, government, education, and house of worship.

UV-Clean is here to be part of that solution and supply additional measures to best protect those you care about.

What can we do for you? 

UV-Clean provides, deploys, and integrates medical grade cleaning and sanitization products that create an additional line of health and safety to even the most sensitive of work and study locations. Our available products and packages include facial recognition monitors to control both access and temperature detection, UV-C germicidal irradiation technology and fogging with non-corrosive agents that cause no harm to the environment and clean the air and sanitize surfaces to ensure an environment free of germs, viruses and harmful bacteria’s.

Fusion UV-Clean

We offer germicidal solutions, product kit and bundles, and workflows that will save you time, money and help provide worksite safety tools that meet and exceed WHO and CDC guidelines. Your team and assets health and safety are our priority.

Michelle Briggs
Operations & Product Manager

Michelle has been working in Supply Chain for the past 7 years (4 of which have been within the film industry). Her knowledge and experience with order and vendor management, product research, inventory control, logistics management and tracking as well as carrier and vendor relations has made for a natural transition into her new role with Fusion UV-Clean. Environmentally friendly products and sustainable practices is Michelle’s passion, which has allowed her to curate products that align with her values and provide health and safety to those she cares about. The consistent change of work and responsibilities keeps things interesting for Michelle and is a major part of why she excels at and loves her job.

Korie Kessel
Sales consultant

With 20+ years of working in the lighting industry, from event and theatre stage, to broadcast and film industry she has done it all. She has worked roles ranging from lighting and full studio design, to operating and rigging gear on-set, to providing equipment to productions, television studio’s, rental facilities, and educational film programs. She has become a lead stage and lighting consultant in Canada for creative solutions and customer applications beyond your imagination. Korie is highly technical and the addition of UV-C light to her repertoire allows for her to utilize the design and installation teams she has worked with over the years. With unparalleled customer service, Korie goes above and beyond for her clients, and does whatever it takes to meet deadlines, budget restrictions, and provide the best service she can.

Raphaëlle Moreau
Graphic Designer

For over 10 years, Raphaëlle has been working across Canada and Europe as an in-house Graphic Designer for prestigious companies in various industries. Her curiosity and passion for visual communications led her to extend her knowledge across all mediums from digital to print (Identity, Web Design, Color & Design Systems, Branding, Advertising, Printing Process…). Always working halfway between marketing & communication, she gets a 360° vision to offer a bespoke solution consistent with the needs, the media, and the audience.