Hi, we’re Fusion UV-Clean

Fusion UV-Clean is a specialized division of Fusion Cine, a national sales and rentals company supplying high end cinema and broadcast equipment (i.e. ARRI, Angénieux, Fujifilm, RED, Sony, Zeiss, etc.) to the film and television sector. As representative for top industry products, we took manufacture’s recommended equipment sanitization processes and mixed it with Canadian and international health and safety guidelines to create safe and efficient sanitization workflows to help film production get back to work in the new normal.

Fusion UV-Clean provides, deploys, and integrates medical grade cleaning and sanitization products that create an additional line of health and safety to even the most sensitive of work and study locations. Our available products and packages include facial recognition monitors to control both access and temperature detection, UV-C germicidal irradiation technology and fogging with non-corrosive agents that cause no harm to the environment and clean the air and sanitize surfaces to ensure an environment free of germs, viruses and harmful bacteria’s. We offer health & safety and germicidal solutions and workflows that save you time and money and provide worksite safety tools that meet and exceed WHO and CDC guidelines. Your team and assets health and safety are our priority. Our products and solutions are available on our website at